I am not a child. (TW: Infantilizing autistic people)

I don’t know, I need to vent and this seemed appropriate.  Its going to get long and go on about online conversations, so if you find that petty it may be best to skip this.

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"I just don’t let those things bother me"

-my allistic mom when I said I wished A$ was a person so I could punch them in the mouth. GEE I WONDER WHY I CAN’T JUST ~NOT GET UPSET~ ABOUT THEM. Could it be that I have a vested interest in those who advocate eugenics against me? =o


Trigger Warning: R-word (ableist slur)

This happened on my World of Warcraft Battletag broadcasts:

Broadcast: Person A: Moorwhelp [RP Character] just went full-blown gnostic, good times!

Broadcast: Person B: Full retard? [Person A], you never go full retard.

Me: Bye bitch.


Optional extra tag: ableist shit people in a video game say

"She has Asperger’s. Maybe that is why she is incapable of understanding love and affection."

— You have Assholism. Maybe that is why you are incapable of respect and minimal human decency. 


(We were having an Autism Speaks discussion…ew)

Me: “…I mean even with the meltdowns, not always understanding things said to me and kids picking on me, I was happy…I felt like I was normal…I mean, like I was okay.”

Mom: “That’s why I think developmentally disabled people are so blissful because they don’t know the stress they put on the family.”

Me: “…”  Last time I checked, my parents hid the stress and when I’d see them fighting, they were all like: “It’s not you, it’s not you.”  And I understood that I’d stress them out when melting down, but I didn’t…eerrgh.


Me: “And someone made a very good point about that video.  They shouldn’t have showed the kid melting down like that.”

Mom: “Well they need to show these things, to educate people.”

Me: “With a child that can’t consent to it?  One of your most vulnerable moments on screen?  Do you know how embarrassing it is to have a meltdown in front of a bunch of people much less have that posted all over the internet?”

Mom: “I see your point and I see theirs.”

I didn’t see their point, but I didn’t see the use in arguing anymore…  Then she proceeded to call autism a nasty disease…oh wait.  That’s inaccurate use of disease. :/

"A blind person doesn’t belong at this school!"

— Deaf rights activist


watchkeyphone said: Your post about the 'triad of impairments'. I don't understand why it's ableist. It's the diagnostic criteria for autism, surely if you don't have them then you don't have autism?

The “triad of impairments” is commonly used in the psychological field (and related fields) to describe autism; however, this is purely within a medicalized framework of conceiving and constructing autism. The biomedical understanding of autism is inherently ableist because it understands the “problem” of autism as lying within the person. This medicalized framework sees autism through the lens of deficit — i.e. all characteristics associated with autism and Autistic people are analyzed through a perspective that sees autism first and foremost as a neurological deficit. 

Outside this framework, there is no reason to conclude that autism is merely or primarily a neurological deficit. Many Autistics experience impairments to varying degrees in specific functions and abilities, as do disabled people from any disability group, but autism itself is not an impairment. The definition of autism, and how it should be conceived, constructed, and understood, is contested between those who operate from within a medicalized framework (essentialism) and those who operate outside such a framework (constructivism). 


goddessofnightmarauders said: I have an extreme fear of disabled people. I wouldn't say it's a phobia, just an extreme fear. I discovered it by being forced into going to group therapy with other autistic children (I have moderate Asperger's syndrome) when i was young, and I would curl up in a ball and wish I was anywhere but there when another child tried to talk to me. I was also raped by someone with autism when i was little. I know that the vast majority of them aren't out to hurt others, but i'm wondering, am I ableist?

Well, it’s probably either internalized ableism or horizontal oppression or both.

Internalized ableism is when a disabled person internalizes messages about disability and disabled people and then projects them onto themself and or others. Ex. “There’s something wrong with autistic people, so I should try to act and appear as non-autistic as possible. I should also avoid being around other autistic people so I’m not associated with them.”

Horizontal oppression is when a member of a marginalized group either contributes to the oppression of xir own group or another marginalized group of which xe isn’t a member. Ex. “But I’m not like those autistic people, so while I’m okay, we should try to fix them to make them better.”

I’m sorry that you were raped. That’s wrong and morally reprehensible, and there is no excuse whatsoever for rape, ever. 

I’m also sorry you were forced into group therapy. It usually sucks. Especially since most therapy is about “fixing” people deemed to be broken or defective or deficient. 

Hope this helps a bit! 


Trigger Warning: r-word and defending it

but it’s okay to call people retarded because I’m not actually talking about actual disabled people; it’s just a normal insult and everyone says it; don’t be so offended



"We need to keep guns away from the mentally ill"


Obama, I would have expected better from you.